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Jul 15th 2023, 17:50


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Some years ago I bought an MFJ two meter ssb/cw transceiver.
I had a sched with the weak signal group which the net control was on the north side of the mexican border, probably a hundred miles away Encinitas/Portrero? I can't remember his call but one of the fun things I would do I check in once a month turning the power down to less then half a watt! the moderator would welcome me and I would enter his log.
I discovered this rig sells for over $400.00 on MFJ.
I can't get at it (along with other items) but it would be fun to place a small beam on the balcony.
I have been wanting to build a home made diy (kit) using a miniverter and 10 meter rig or perhaps my mfj two meter ssb/cw rig for more stability on 10 gigs or lower for more stability.
Most of the comercial transceivers are rather large and very experimental not to mention way above my budget.
Since one or two transverters (miniverters) are auxillary boards I would not have to buy the other bells and whistles that make them so expensive.

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