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When you join ARRL, you'll have access to information, learning, programs & services to help you get (and stay) active and on the air. Your membership supports ARRL’s work to promote and protect amateur radio and provides you with benefits to do more with your amateur radio license. Join now and get immediate access to the full benefits of ARRL membership.


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Call ARRL Member Services at 860-594-0200 during business hours.


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Student Membership 

Discover and explore radio communications and technology through amateur radio. As an ARRL member, you’ll learn skills and make connections that may advance your education and future career goals.

See Student Membership options.

3-Year Special Offer


Applies to 3-year US membership. Does not apply to family, student, life, or other memberships. Use code GIL1 when you join or renew for 3-years at

Membership Benefits


ARRL recognizes the importance and value of continuing to sharpen your skills, grow your knowledge base and expand your experiences within Amateur Radio. We believe that learning never stops, and we're pleased to offer a variety of ongoing opportunities to help you get the most from your Amateur Radio license.


Journals & Magazines - QST and On the Air
Depending on your membership level and interest, you may choose to receive mailed print copies of our monthly Membership Journal, QST, or our new bimonthly magazine On the Air, aimed at getting new licensees active and more involved with Amateur Radio.

Plus, all members receive digital access to all four ARRL magazines, including QEX, technical articles and projects, and the National Contest Journal, with the latest from competitive radio.

The Learning Center
The ARRL Learning Center provides ARRL members with additional online instruction and training for getting on the air, emergency communications, and electronics and technology.

This online learning environment is designed to help you get the most out of your license. Featuring activities and video tutorials created by ARRL approved experts, the variety of courses and resources will improve your amateur radio knowledge and skills.

Product Reviews

Before purchasing your next piece of equipment, see how it fared, in QST's "Product Review. You have access to all QST Product Review columns from 1980 to the present.

Stay up-to-date with what is going on in the Amateur Radio world - from weekly news and information emails to monthly contesting news and W1AW updates. Members can select from dozens of email communications to keep them up to date and informed.


Technical Information Service
Stuck on a project? Can't get your new radio on the air? As an ARRL member, get expert answers to your operating and technical questions via email or phone for free.

Outgoing QSL Service
We ship QSL cards to QSL Bureaus throughout the world, providing you the convenience and savings of not having to address and mail each QSL card separately.

ARRL E-Mail Forwarding Service
As a member, you will receive an email address. All emails to this address can be forwarded to any other email account that you specify.

Get in on the fun with ARRL-sponsored contests and awards for members only!


Join ARRL's nearly 160,000 members and build your ham radio knowledge and network. You'll discover support, inspiration, and advice to elevate your Amateur Radio experience.

Join One of Our 2,500+ Clubs
Your membership will take you further when you reach out locally and join a club in your area. Build local connections, share solutions and ideas, and enjoy activities with hams near you.

Affiliate Partners
We offer member pricing on many ARRL publications and select products, as well as equipment and club liability insurance.

ARRL Forums
This online conversation platform between ARRL members, allows discussions on a variety of topics including awards, contesting, technology, education, and Amateur Radio in the classroom.


ARRL provides members with opportunities to develop skills and share their knowledge, from developing training webinars to volunteer examiners and leadership roles that serve the Amateur Radio community.

Volunteer Opportunities
Become part of a select group of ARRL Volunteers serving your fellow Radio Amateurs and the public.

Your membership supports the critical advocacy needed to preserve and protect the amateur frequencies.

Dues Rates

Dues rates as of January 1, 2024:

* Dues and subscription rates are subject to change without notice and are non-refundable. A print magazine subscription for QST and/or On the Air magazine requires an ARRL membership.

Membership Type


1 Year

3 Years

Standard Membership

All the benefits of ARRL membership plus 4 digital magazines.



     add print QST magazine

12 issues of QST via mail. Membership required.



     add print On the Air magazine

6 issues of On the Air magazine via mail. Membership required.



US + First-Class Mail® delivery of QST

Membership plus 12 issues of QST via First-Class Mail®.



Life Membership First-Class Mail® delivery of QST – paid annually

12 issues of QST via First-Class Mail® for a current Life Member.




Must reside with primary member and have corresponding membership dates.



Full Student Membership (restrictions apply)

Must be under age 26, and US resident and US licensee.



Free Student Membership (restrictions apply) Full-time students aged 21 years or younger, and US resident. FREE N/A


Requires a one-time signed and dated statement of Legal Blindness.



International Membership

All the benefits of ARRL International Membership plus 4 digital magazines.



International Membership + QST via mail

Membership plus 12 issues of QST via mail.



ARRL Student Membership

ARRL Student Membership was established to increase youth participation and long-term involvement in amateur radio. Student members can access ARRL membership benefits including the digital versions of ARRL magazines, and the extensive courses and training materials available through the ARRL Learning Center.

Please note: ARRL requires age verification for all student members. Parental/Guardian consent is required for applicants under 18 years of age. Student memberships are not eligible for add-on printed membership magazine subscriptions. Student membership benefits are subject to otherestrictions and exclusions.

Student Membership options:

  • Option 1: Full Student Membership. Dues rate $30 per year. This low-cost membership option is available to US Amateur Radio licensees under the age of 26 years. Applicant must be a resident of the US, its possessions, or Puerto Rico. A full member may vote in ARRL elections for Division Director, Vice Director, and Section Manager. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply.
  • Option 2: Free Student Membership. This no-cost, Associate membership option is available to full-time students aged 21 years or younger. Applicant must be a resident of the US, its possessions, or Puerto Rico. Free Student Membership excludes access to the ARRL E-mail Forwarding Service, and Associate members may not vote in ARRL elections. Other restrictions and exclusions may apply.

Become an ARRL student member today!

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ARRL Life Membership

ARRL Life Membership includes the benefits of membership for life. Life membership rates are based on the current term dues amount and the applicant’s age (requires verification). Payment can be made in full, or paid in 24-monthly installments by credit card. Print magazine subscriptions are sold separately. Current members should login to the ARRL website before starting a new Life Membership application.

Become a Life Member

Life Membership Rates:

Age 70+ $960
Age 50-69 $1,635
Age 30-49 $2,625
Under age 30 $3,333



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