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excessive noise problem Jun 6th, 19:12 2 468 on 14/6/24
outback antenna and antenna tuner Dec 18th 2023, 15:03 1 1,096 on 18/12/23

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excessive noise problem on 6/6/24
I have a YAESU FT-891 radio and I am using a AT-100 Pro II Autotuner with and a HY-GAIN AV-640 6 - 40m vertical antenna.

I have a high noise (s5 -9) and I am trying to resolve the problem. My coax is R8u and because of moving the radio several times I am using 3 pieces of coax connected together (50' + 50' + 25'). I am trying to find out if the three connectors could be part of the problem. I am thinking of replacing the coax with a single 150' coax and I would like to know what is the best shielded coax to use. When I check on the internet, everyone says theirs is the best. I am not sure this is my whole problem or if this is a proper way to help reduce it. It would be very helpful if someone that had a similar problem and solved it, could give some advice.

outback antenna and antenna tuner on 18/12/23
trying to find out if the Harvest OUTB2000 antenna can be used with an antenna tuner instead of changing plugs

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