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MFJ 464 went berserk Nov 15th 2023, 13:56 1 1,017 on 15/11/23
MFJ issues Aug 16th 2023, 14:15 3 1,610 on 13/1/24

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MFJ issues KK7CLY on 13/1/24
After several months of waiting for a response and sending the unit into MFJ then another long delay they returned the keyer/reader to me saying of course that there was nothing wrong with it. Sure enough when I tried it out it began working nominally once more. Perhaps being powered down for so long allowed a reset of the hardware.
Ic-706mk2g and Mfj 464 keyer/ reader Morstr on 15/11/23
I was struggling with mine on my IC 7300 but after 7 months of delay from MFJ it seems to be working initially. I have yet to reinstall keyboard and Serial port to my Desktop PC
MFJ 464 went berserk KK7CLY on 15/11/23
Greetings from Oregon, where we kiss where the sun don't shine :)
I've got an Icom IC7300 wired to a Buddihex beam antenna. Proving reliable so far and thought I'd augment my station by getting my feet wet in CW. I noticed MFJ had a keyer/reader device available for a reasonable cost so last February I plunked down my $199 and got one. At first I was puzzled that I had to download the manual but no sweat as I got the .pdf saved on my desktop pc. First few contacts went well but after a week the transmit line began generating characters on it's own of gibberish disabling my attempts to override. I then began a discourse with MFJ about this that went on and on through the summer. Ultimately I was authorized to send it in for repairs, another month of waiting. I saw some YouTube video about how MFJ like many businesses post covid was short handed of personnel After several more contacts I got it back last week with a note saying that MFJ couldn't find anything wrong with it. :(
I've since hooked it up again omitting the keyboard and serial post link for the time being and it seems to be functioning nominally. I'm onto a torroid ring project right now but I was wondering if anyone else have had issues with MFJ or this MFJ 464. Thanks and a lift of the lynch lid.
MFJ issues KK7CLY on 16/8/23
Hi gang, Leo 'Gus' Gustafsson here and this is my first post in the ARRL forum, I hope I'm in the right place.
Back in February I purchased an MFJ 464 keyer/reader from MFJ direct. The first couple of uses and the device began going nutz. Automated text would scroll across the transmit line without any input from my keyboard. At the same time, it disabled Any entries I attempted on my keyboard or the buttons on the device.
Thereafter I sent messages to MFJ for several weeks with no reply then I called their office, and they directed me to the technicians working on their gear. I learned that they were out of stock and they would get back to me. Well now we're in August and finally they responded asking for the 464 back for repairs. I sent it off last week and awaiting word from them as to it's status. (Whew)
So, onto my question, does anyone know if MFJ is short staffed or otherwise having shortage of personnel? This seems out of character for them after watching YouTubbe video of their shop. Then again I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to Ham Radio only getting my Technician and General in the last year. Thanks for any insights you may have.
All my best and "73" KK7CLY

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