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Telemetry on 6/4/23
The Shannon Hartley Channel capacity theorem can be useful for predicting how much SNR you need for a particular data rate. ISM bands can be quite noisy as there are so many unlicensed devices using there bands.
Should I tune for Resistance or Impedence? KT8DX on 31/3/23
If your head is swimming, it is likely that you aren't a math genius that can easily understand numbers well enough to tune by them. Many folks think in terms of pictures, so graphical representations are more understandable.

You may want to investigate other analyzers to see if there is something with a display you understand.
It may help to practice at home.
Should I tune for Resistance or Impedence? KT8DX on 27/3/23
A Smith Chart is a graphical representation of impedance that is more intuitive than R +/- jX

If you use a Smith Chart normalized to 50 ohms, the closer you get to the center the better the SWR.
"Error in Sound Input" Message Goldingen81 on 24/3/23
This may be a memory access violation
You may want to try JTDX and see if the problem persists.
Ferrite cores are significantly more effective at HF if 10 to 15 turns are wrapped around the toroid.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
keying NM0L on 20/3/23
12F629 PIC programmed as a keyer. Input by pins 2 and 3.
Accepts straight key input if the ring and tip are connected together at power up.

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