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(CCRs) Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Covenant (CC&R or Homeowners Association) Restrictions

Many amateurs are faced with highly restrictive antenna Covenants. These tell you what color you can paint your house, for example. It may be possible to have the local government, when they are rewriting their Residential Development Standards for CC&R's, to accommodate amateurs, Note that this would only apply to covenants signed by the buyer after Residential Development Standards in the ordinance have been changed. This is not a simple process. 

Will the homeowners association approve a modest antenna?

If yes, erect antenna to their specifics; operate low power.

If no, make a presentation before the homeowners association:

  • Emphasize public service
  • Address concerns about RFI and aesthetics

Note that PRB-1 does not currently cover covenant or private land use regulations.

Why may covenants have no limitations on small DBS dishes and TV antennas, but carry limitations for amateur antennas?

Private land use regulation of Amateur antennas is not preempted by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, but most private land use regulation of DBS dishes and TV antennas is. Congress was interested in promoting competition (and thus lowering costs and improving service) in video delivery services. That legislation had nothing to do with Amateur Radio. ARRL is working to provide extension of the PRB-1 protections for amateurs. Watch ARRL news sources. To help the ARRL effort visit the Legislative Action information area here.


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