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Club Station FAQ

Club Station FAQ

  • What are the minimum FCC requirements for a club to obtain a club station license?

    These minimum requirements as defined by the FCC are: §97.5 Station license grant required. (b) The types of station license grants are: (2) A club station license grant. A club station license grant may be held only by the person who is the license trustee designated by an officer of the club.  The trustee must be a person who holds an operator/primary station license grant.  The club must be composed of at least four persons and must have a name, a document of organization, management and a primary purpose devoted to amateur service activities consistent with this part.

  • I have been appointed as our club station license trustee. What should I do now?

    The first thing is to change the club license to your name and address, as you are the custodian of the club license. The club license belongs to the club, but you ensure that all FCC rules are followed. The FCC privatized the Club Call Sign Assignment System several years ago. All club licenses MUST go through a Club Station Call Sign Administrator (CSCSA) and there are four; the ARRL VEC in Newington, W5YI-VECW4VEC, or Anchorage ARC VEC. There is no charge, but the appropriate form must be used. When applying through the ARRL VEC, the form is the ARRL VEC Form 605-C. If the club does not have a club license and if it wants one, it can be obtained by using the above mentioned form. The FCC will not accept club license forms directly from the applicant; if you send it to the FCC, it will be returned without action. The form must bear two different signatures, the new trustee and another officer in the club. The signatures cannot be the same. Trustee changes require the minutes from the club meeting showing the change, signed by club officers.
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  • What are the duties of the club trustee?

    Think of the club station license trustee as the "chief control operator" for the club station license. It is the duty of the trustee to act in the best interests of the club; after all, the station license belongs to the club, not to the trustee individually. The club station license trustee must designate control operators to ensure that the station is operated as the club wants it to be. A club station control operator is designated by the club license trustee and must be someone who is trusted and will follow all FCC rules at all times.

  • What do FCC rules say about station license responsibilities?

    Part 97 says: §97.103 Station licensee responsibilities. (a) The station licensee is responsible for the proper operation of the station in accordance with the FCC Rules. When the control operator is a different amateur operator than the station licensee, both persons are equally responsible for proper operation of the station. (b) The station licensee must designate the station control operator. The FCC will presume that the station licensee is also the control operator, unless documentation to the contrary is in the station records. (c) The station licensee must make the station and the station records available for inspection upon request by an FCC representative. When deemed necessary by an EIC to assure compliance with FCC Rules, the station licensee must maintain a record of station operations containing such items of information as the EIC may require in accord with §0.314(x) of the FCC Rules. What does the FCC say about control operator duties? Part 97 says: §97.105 Control operator duties. (a) The control operator must ensure the immediate proper operation of the station, regardless of the type of control. (b) A station may only be operated in the manner and to the extent permitted by the privileges authorized for the class of operator license held by the control operator. Where can I find more information on station control? See "Who's in Control of Your Station"
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  • What is the difference between a club trustee and a licensee?

    It depends on what of type station is being used. If the repeater is operating under the auspices of, and using the call sign of an individual amateur's personal station license, then the owner is the "licensee" of the station, not the "trustee." If it is operating under the auspices of an FCC-issued club station license, and using the FCC-issued club call sign, then the person whose name appears on the club license is the "trustee," not the "licensee."

  • Our club license trustee died. What is the process that we use to notify the FCC of a new trustee?

    The FCC has privatized the Club Station Call Sign Assignment System. This means that the FCC does not accept club station modification applications directly. Applications must go through a Club Station Call Sign Administrator of which the ARRL VEC in Newington is one. The club application form MUST carry two signatures, the new trustee, and another officer in the club. Trustee changes require the minutes from the club meeting showing the change, signed by club officers. When going through the ARRL VEC, use the ARRL VEC Form 605-C application form.


  • Is there a time limit in which the FCC must be notified of the death of an amateur?

    A club station license must always have a trustee who insures that all FCC rules are being followed by the club station. If the trustee is unable or unwilling to fulfill his obligations, the club must take immediate action, either changing the trustee or taking the club station off the air. The call of a deceased amateur may not remain as the ID of a station.

  • What is the procedure for canceling the license of an amateur who has died?

    Notify the FCC of the amateur's passing by following the instructions found on the Cancelling a License webpage. 

  • How can we change the trustee of our club license?

    To change the club trustee, the club must complete an ARRL VEC Form 605-C. Send it to the ARRL VEC at ARRL HQ. There is no charge. The form MUST have two signatures, the new trustee and another officer in the club. Trustee changes require the minutes from the club meeting showing the change, signed by club officers. For additional information click the link.
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  • Are there any other groups that we must notify of the change of trustees?

    You should notify the area Frequency Coordinator if the club station repeater call changes and if there are any other changes to the club station, especially to the physical facilities, e.g. increased power and/or increased/decreased tower height. If your club station antenna is co-located with the antennas of non-amateur services, it is a good idea to notify the station owners.

  • Who determines who can use the club station license and the club physical facilities?

    The Club Station Trustee determines who can use the club license. Other permission from other club officials may be required to use the club physical property.

  • Can the club station license be used at multiple locations on the same band at the same time?

    It is up to the Trustee, but there is no FCC rule against this, in fact, W1AW has operated simultaneously from Newington on those rare occasions when it is operated from ARRL national conventions.

  • Can I use my own personal call at the club station?

    It is entirely up to the club trustee.

  • What if I have further questions?

    If you have questions on club station operation not addressed in this FAQ, contact the ARRL Regulatory Information Branch at There are questions on a number of regulatory topics at ARRL Regulatory Information FAQ's

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