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Emergency Communications Field Examiners

What do Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course Field Examiners do?

Field Examiners are ARRL accredited Volunteer Examiners who take on the additional responsibility to serve as Field Examiners for the ARRL Emergency Communications courses.  EmComm Field Examiners work closely with EmComm Field Instructors who provide classroom preparation for the exam. Currently Field Examiners may conduct exams for the Introduction to Emergency Communication (EC-001) course.

A field exam is given at the conclusion of the instruction to award students who successfully pass the exam with a course completion certificate.  This certificate provides local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) clubs who are involved in local community emergency response with an indication of a student’s interest and understanding of the emergency communications environment and assures a common foundation of training.

Field Examiners are required to register exam sessions on the ARRL website so that other interested radio amateurs in the local community may find out about them. Exam sessions may be held in coordination with classes conducted by authorized ARRL Field Instructors, or they may be held independent of classroom instruction.  Exam sessions can be registered by submitting the details on our website. Field Examiners must use valid test materials obtained from the CEP office and conduct exam sessions according to CEP exam guidelines.

Examiners who have completed the registration process with the ARRL Continuing Education Program are listed in our online FE database.

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