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Example Ordinance

From Beaverton, Oregon

Exemptions All of the following are exempt from the regulations contained in this section of the Code:

Amateur radio facility antennas, or a combination of antennas and support structures seventy (70) feet or less in height as measured from the base of the support structure consistent with ORS 221.295. This includes antennas attached to towers capable of telescoping or otherwise being extended by mechanical device to a height greater than 70 feet so long as the amateur radio facility is capable of being lowered to 70 feet or less. This exemption applies only to the Beaverton Development Code and does not apply to other applicable city, state, and federal regulations. Amateur radio facilities not meeting the requirements of this exemption are considered non-exempt, and must comply with Section 60.70.45.

60.70.45 Requirements for Non-Exempt Amateur Radio Facilities

1. Non-exempt amateur radio facilities may not be erected until a valid building permit has been obtained from the City of Beaverton.

2. Notwithstanding Chapter 30 of the Development Code, the following rules apply to non-exempt amateur radio facilities in existence on or before May 8, 2003:

A. Facilities constructed before May 8, 2003 under building permits validly issued on the date of construction are not subject to these regulations.

B. Exempt facilities that are proposed to be modified to become a non-exempt facility, shall acquire a new building permit from the City.

C. Facilities without permits from the City of Beaverton, Washington County, or Multnomah County shall acquire a building permit from the City.


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