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Gifts of Securities and Appreciated Property

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As you consider way that you can fulfill your charitable giving wishes, there are several tools that may help you.  As always, please consult your attorney or financial advisor as you develop plans to meet your goals.

Giving Methods

  • Gifts of Other Appreciated Property

    Gifts of appreciated property such as art, jewelry, boats, automobiles, or antiques must be approved by ARRL. The valuation of all such property is the responsibility of the donor. Appreciated property may be used to funds a trust.

  • Gifts of Amateur Radio equipment

    The families of Silent Keys often contact ARRL with a wish to contributed Amateur Radio equipment. ARRL prefers that such equipment be sold and the proceeds be contributed to ARRL. Funds may be designated to a specific ARRL program or fund.

  • Gifts of Life Insurance

    One of the most convenient easy to make an estate gift to ARRL is to make the ARRL a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

  • Gifts of Annuity or Life Income Plan

    ARRL does not have a formal charitable gift annuity program, but you may elect to create a commercial annuity and name ARRL the beneficiary.

  • Gifts through Retirement Plans

    You may wish to name ARRL the beneficiary of the residual of your retirement plan or 401(K) plan. By designating that your charitable wish be fulfilled in this way, you may accomplish two goals -- to fulfill your charitable intent and to realize possible tax benefits your heirs.

  • Gifts through Charitable Trusts

    You may wish to establish a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Lead trust. These instruments are irrevocable. A charitable remainder trust provides income for the donor, a child or other beneficiary for life or a period of years, after which ARRL as beneficiary would received the remainder of the trust. A charitable lead trust provides for ARRL to benefit from the earnings of a trust established by you for a period of years, after which the principal reverts to one or more beneficiaries.

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ARRL is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) oragnization holding tax identification number 06-6000004.  Contributions are tax deductible to the extend allowed by law.


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