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Mobile DXCC

Mobile DXCC Award

This award is available to amateurs who have contacted at least 100 DXCC entities from a vehicle, capable of moving itself, using only power and antennas that may also be moved with the vehicle (read the definition of the mobile station and mobile operation below).  Contacts made any time in the past count and proof of contact (QSL cards or LoTW) is required, but do not need to be submitted with your application.  ARRL may ask for proof of contact if there are any questions about the claimed QSO.  The MOBILE DXCC is a one-time award and is non-endorsable.  You do not have to be an ARRL member to qualify.

Please note that it is not required to be in motion while operating. Distracted driving is a serious concern. Exercise care when operating and obey all laws. 


Definition of Mobile Station and Mobile Operating

A mobile QSO appropriate for this award is defined as a QSO made from a mobile station which is contained in a legally licensed, self-propelled, land-based vehicle capable of movement before, after, or during the QSO and which provides all power to the radio equipment (no commercial or external electrical power can be used), and using only antennas mounted fully on the same mobile vehicle or a directly connected attachment and which moves together any time the vehicle is moved.  The vehicle station must make the QSO with the DX entity exclusively and directly using only the mobile station.  Use of any remote station, radio repeater, and internet interfaced station or system to assist in making the QSO is not permitted.  Any contact made with antennas set-up or usable only when stopped to make the QSO (for example, a dipole or yagi) is classified as “portable” and not “mobile”

For this award.  Mobile stations may use any legal power for the entity wherein they are located.  This award specifically excludes QSOs made by aeronautical or maritime mobile stations. 

How To Apply

To apply for the Mobile DXCC, just send a list of your contacts including call signs,
countries/entities and contact dates.  Do not send QSLs.  The list must also carry a signed statement from you that all of the contacts were made from a mobile
station as described above.

Along with your contact list, include $20 for US certificate shipments or $25 for
international certificate shipments.  Please include your fee in the form of a check
or money order in US funds.  You can also pay via credit credit using the Application Form. 

Make sure to indicate your mailing address and your name as you want it to appear on the certificate.  Mail everything to:  Mobile DXCC, ARRL, 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111.

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