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Phil McGan Award

Phil McGan, WA2MBQ (SK)


Recognize volunteer excellence in PR

The Annual Philip J. McGan Memorial
Silver Antenna Award

Throughout the year hundreds of ARRL PICs, PIOs and other PR volunteers strive to keep Amateur Radio visible in their communities by publicizing special events, writing press releases, creating media for radio and television, and maintaining good relations with local media among many other valuable activities. Their efforts benefit us all. If you know someone who has achieved public relations success on behalf of Amateur Radio, nominating him or her for the McGan award is the perfect way to say thank you.

The award’s namesake, Journalist Philip J. McGan, WA2MBQ (SK), served as the first chairman of the ARRL’s Public Relations Committee, which helped reinvigorate the League’s commitment to public relations.

Unfortunately, Phil never got to see how well his efforts paid off. In honor of Phil, his friends in the New Hampshire Amateur Radio Association joined with the ARRL Board of Directors to pay a lasting tribute to the important contributions he made on behalf of Amateur Radio.

The McGan award will go to that ham who has demonstrated success in Amateur Radio public relations and best exemplifies the volunteer spirit of Phil McGan.

Public Relations activities for which the McGan Award is presented include efforts specifically directed at bringing Amateur Radio to the public’s attention (and most often the media’s) in a positive light. This may include traditional methods, like news releases, or non-traditional methods, such as hosting a radio show or being an active public speaker. If you’re considering nominating someone in your area for the award, please ask yourself if your candidate’s work fits the public relations definition. PR is fundamentally getting a message out to people while public service is providing a service.

The McGan Award is for promotion of Amateur Radio to the non-amateur community; it is not awarded for work done within a club or organization that primarily benefits the Amateur Radio community.

The ARRL Public Relations Committee will determine a winner, if any, from submitted material, subject to approval by the ARRL Board of Directors.



1) The award is given only to an individual (not a group), who must be a full ARRL member in good standing at the time of nomination. The nominee must not be compensated for any public relations work involving Amateur Radio (including payment for articles) and may not be a current officer, director, vice director or paid staff member, or a member of the current selection committee.

2) The winner of the Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award will demonstrate volunteer public relations success on behalf of Amateur Radio at the local, state or national level, and will live up to the high standard of achievement exemplified by Philip J. McGan.

3) Anyone may make a nomination.

4) Deadline: Nominations must be received at ARRL HQ in Newington by
                            March 31, 2022

Nominations arriving after the deadline or without an entry form cannot be considered.

5) Eligible nominations will be screened by the ARRL Public Relations Committee, which will forward its recommendation to the Programs and Services Committee of the ARRL Board of Directors. The Board will make a final determination at its July meeting and the winner will be notified shortly thereafter.

6) Nominations must be on an official entry form, available from ARRL Headquarters or you can download from this Web page in .pdf format.  The nomination will include a written summary whenever possible.
To obtain the required entry form download the .pdf file below or e-mail Ask for an official Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award entry form.

7) Return the completed entry form and supporting materials to: Philip J. McGan Memorial Silver Antenna Award, Communications Department, ARRL, 225 Main St., Newington, CT 06111.


2021 McGan Nomination Form


Download this form, print it out and use for 2021 nominations

Past McGan Award Winners

1992    McGan announced for 1st time

1992    James Heil  KB5AWM

1993    Gary Pearce KN4AQ

1994    Joe Phillips K8QOE and Michael Karp AF2L

1995    Len Winkler KB7LPW

1996    Bob Josuweit WA3PZO

1997    James Biddle WB3DCL & Beverly Priest, N8VZV

1998    Stephan Anderman K2SMA

1999    Peter Coffee AC6EN

2000    Diane Ortiz K2DO

2001    Bill Morine N2COP

2002    Sherri Brower W4STB

2003    Tim Lewallen KD5ING

2004    Mike Duff KG4SLH

2005    Jerry Martin KC9BDA

2006    Dee Logan, W1HEO

2007    Dan McMonigle N3IXQ

2008    Walt J. Palmer, W4ALT

2009    Nate Brightman, K6OSC

2010    Norm Lauterette, WA4HYJ

2011    Angel Santana, WP3GW

2012   Ted Luebbers, K1AYZ

2013    No recipient

2014    Brian Short, KCØBS

2015:   Randy Thompson, K5ZD

2016: Tom "Tex" Ritter, WY7KY

2017: Dennis Moriarty, K8AGB

2018 - E. Gordon Mooneyhan, W4EGM

2019 - John Wells, W4CMH

2020 - No recipient

2021 - John P. Levo, W8KIW


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