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QST Advertising Specifications


QST Advertising Specifications

Ads may be supplied on CD-ROM or sent via the Ad Upload Site

(file size is limited to 90 MB. – but you can send multiple, separate files) or they can be
E-mailed to (file must be under 7 MB). High Resolution PDF files with Embedded Fonts are preferred.


Ad Upload Site

CLICK on this Link below to UPLOAD your file.


IT’S REALLY EASY! Simply upload your files electronically to our Advertising user-friendly Web site. You'll receive an automated message as soon as your files arrive. We'll open and review them on the spot. If there's a problem with a file, we can contact you immediately and solve the problem sooner rather than later. Give it a try. Once you do, all that rushing around will be a distant memory.

  • Advertising File Requirements

    Electronic Files:
    PDF Files with Embedded Fonts
    Native PC Files:

    All of the native fonts and photos used in the document must be provided.

    Note: We do not accept native MAC files; only High Resolution MAC PDFs with
    embedded Fonts can be accepted.

  • Advertising File Specifications


    We can work with the following PC files:
     • Creative Suite 4 or earlier versions of InDesign CS4, Photoshop CS4, Illustrator CS4
      Microsoft Office Publisher 7
     • Corel Draw Graphics Suite X4

    If you provide native PC files for any of the above programs you must provide us with all of the native fonts and photos used within the document.

  • Production Services


    Production services from the ARRL Advertising Department are available for Ad creation. If local facilities for Advertisement Layout and/or Design are not available or convenient to your organization, the ARRL Advertising Department can assist you in the production process. These services include graphic design, ad layout, and production. The services are utilized by advertisers seeking a special look for ads, or for those considering ways to expand their exposure to customers by placing larger ads (color, full or half page). The ARRL advertising staff works closely with advertisers, completing work at a nominal cost. All work is done at ARRL’s headquarters in Newington, Connecticut, using the most current graphics capabilities and state-of-the-art production and imaging technology. Your ARRL Advertising Representatives can assist you with all of our production services.


  • File Specifications


    High Resolution PDF files optimized for Press are preferred. If you cannot provide PDF files, it is best to supply the native original files created in any of the preferred programs listed above. All fonts and all placed or linked TIFF, EPS or JPEG files must be provided as well.

    Please specify the Program and the version used.

    Color - All colors in files should be process CMYK – No RGB or Spot Colors.

    Fonts - All Fonts should be embedded in the PDF file. If not embedded, please provide all fonts used in the file. Supply all Font Families (include all Bold, Italic and Bold Italic) 

    Document Page Set-up
    Trim Size – 8" W x 10.5" H
    Bleeds should be placed .125" outside of the page trim area.
    Document Page Margins:
    Top -- 0.3125"
    Bottom -- 0.4583"
    Inside -- 0.594"
    Outside -- 0.594"
    No text should appear outside the Margins or "Live Area” (approx 7” x 10”).
    Make sure that your document includes crops and/or registration marks.
    If you need a Template, we can provide you with one.

  • Important Note about Creating a PDF file from Photoshop


    Save your native Photoshop file.
    Then Save your native Photoshop file as a Flattened Photoshop TIFF File with No Layers.
    Then Save the Flattened Photoshop TIFF file as a Photoshop PDF.


    Saving a native Photoshop File with Layers straight to a PDF file creates a very large unusable PDF file.

  • Sounds Overwhelming?



    We’re always here on standby to provide assistance and answer questions.


    ARRL Attn: Advertising 225 Main Street Newington, CT 06111-1494 USA Toll Free 1-800-243-7768 Phone 860-594-0207 E-mail





  • Disclaimer

    ARRL is not responsible for any typographical errors. We will do our best to bring it to your attention if detected by ARRL staff.  ARRL is not responsible for any error in printing if the Original Files have not been set-up correctly. Please specify in writing anything that might need special attention.


  • Advertising Sizes

  • Contact ARRL Advertising Department

    ARRL Attn: Advertising 225 Main Street Newington, CT 06111-1494 USA Toll Free 1-800-243-7768 Phone 860-594-0207 E-mail


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