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QST Author Guide

Calling All Authors!

We're always on the lookout for new authors and new material to publish in QST, QEX, NCJ and the ARRL website itself. Download a copy of our Author Guide here and get started!

"But I've never written an article before."

Don't worry. If you have a clever idea or an interesting story to tell, do the best you can and we'll take it from there. We have staff editors who specialize in making you look (and read) better than you may have imagined.

"I don't have software to draw circuit diagrams."

Most hams don't. Once again, just do the best you can -- even if that means drawing lines with a pencil -- and our graphics staff will redraw your work to professional standards.

"If you accept my article, will I be paid?"

If you are writing for QST or QEX, yes. Details are in the ARRL Author Guide.

Are you ready to get your story in front of thousands of readers? Start writing today!


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