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Requirements for Field Instructors

Field Instructor (FI) Qualifications/Requirements for ARRL Public Service/ Emergency Communications Trainers

The following Qualifications, Requirements and Responsibilities are effective November 1, 2012 (updated September 2019):


  • ARRL Member
  • Active Radio Amateur
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Completion of ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication (EC-001)
  • Completion of ARRL Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs (EC-016)
  • General, Advanced, or Extra class license
  • Completion of Skywarn training
  • Active experience in Public Service/ARES field operations
  • Recommendation of Section Manager

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) prerequisites:

o   ICS-100 (IS-100.b) Introduction to the Incident Command System

o   ICS-200.b ICS for Single Incidents and Initial Action Incidents ·  

o   IS -700 NIMS (National Incident Management System): An Introduction

o   IS-800 National Response Framework: An Introduction· 

FEMA Professional Development Series, which includes:

o   IS-120.a - An Introduction to Exercises

o   IS-230.b - Fundamentals of Emergency Management

o   IS-235.b - Emergency Planning

o   IS-240.a - Leadership & Influence

o   IS-241.a - Decision Making and Problem Solving

o   IS-242.a - Effective Communication

o   IS-244.a - Developing and Managing Volunteers

Desirable experience for this role:

  • Professional experience in emergency response or communications field
  • Extensive amateur radio experience
  • Professional experience as trainer or educator

Additional qualifications to lead instruction for Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs (EC-016)

  • Completion of EC-016, including SM recommendation
  • Leadership position within the ARRL field organization


  • Field Instructors must register all class sessions with the ARRL by submitting an online registration form
  • Field Instructors are expected to file a Class Roster with the ARRL Continuing Education Department indicating which students have completed their course of instruction.  (An exam session held at the close of a class is a separate event and may or may not include the same roster of participants.)
  • Field Instructors must require students to complete an evaluation of their course using evaluation forms provided by ARRL CEP.  These Student Evaluations must be returned to ARRL CEP along with the Class Roster.  (Online students will receive a link to an online survey to provide feedback.)

Roster and evaluation forms may be downloaded from the instructor resource page, or requested from the CEP office. 

Appointment as an ARRL Field Instructor or Mentor for ARRL’s Public Service/EmComm training program is for a term of 3 years. This is a renewable appointment based on satisfactory performance as an active instructor/mentor and satisfaction of all current qualifications and requirements.*

Failure to comply with FI/Mentor qualifications and guidelines and to the standard of conduct expected of a volunteer representing the ARRL will result in termination of service in the role.  Also, ARRL reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate this relationship at any time, with or without any reason or cause.

*Individuals currently registered as an ARECC Field Instructor or as an ARRL ARECC Online Mentor have been assigned a term end date based on their recent date of registration with the program. For example a mentor or FI who completed documentation to register with the program in April 23, 2011 will have an appointment end date of April 23, 2014.  The ARRL Continuing Education Program office will issue badges and/or certificates reflecting the term of the current appointment as an ARECC FI or as an ARECC Mentor to those who have been actively serving in these capacities over the past year, and as new appointees become active. As stated above, at the close of their current term, registered ARECC FIs and Mentors will need to meet all current qualifications/requirements to re-enlist for a new term of service.


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