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The World Above 50 MHz

Conducted by Jon Jones, N0JK

The World Above 50 MHz is a QST column devoted to on-the-air activities and technical discussions of the amateur bands above 50 MHz. It is especially concerned with CW and SSB activity generally, radio propagation, DXing, technical innovations, and operating achievements. The links listed at the upper left under The World Above 50 MHz will take you to pages that detail the achievements of operators on those bands.

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The World Above 50 MHz
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History of the World Above 50 MHz

The World Above 50 MHz has appeared in QST for more than 60 years, making it one of the longest running columns. It originated as "On the Ultra Highs," which debuted in December 1939 under the direction of Ed Tilton, W1HDQ. There have been three name changes and five editors since its founding. The current name was adopted in 1976.

Editor Years
Ed Tilton, W1HDQ 1939-1960
Sam Harris, W1FZJ 1960-1967
Bill Smith, W5TVB 1967-1974
Bill Tynan, W3XO 1974-1992
Emil Pocock, W3EP 1992-2002
Gene Zimmerman, W3ZZ 2002-2011
Jon Jones, N0JK 2011-Present


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