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Guidance on ICS and being a PIO

There are two documents here from FEMA.

Basic Guidance for PIOs is a pdf file released January 2008

The second is actually from an course you can take!  (IS-288)
PIOs really need to know where ham radio and ARES fit in under the new structures.  Just as ham radio is “NOT your grandaddy’s radio anymore,” neither are emergency operations! 

Basic Guidance for PIOs

FEMA Acronyms


Know the jargon Hams are not the only ones with their own language

FEMA - Volunteer Agencies in Emergencies

FEMA IS-288 Unit 1

FEMA IS-288 Unit 2

FEMA IS-288 Unit 3

FEMA IS-288 Unit 4

FEMA IS-288 Final Exam


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