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International Humanitarian Award

WHEREAS Amateur Radio operators engage in assistance to people in need throughout the world, and daily communications between common people from all parts of the world, and

WHEREAS Amateur Radio is the only medium where average people throughout the world can meet to talk to each other and spread goodwill across otherwise impenetrable political boundaries, and,

WHEREAS the world is in need of positive efforts toward international understanding and peaceful communications,

BE IT RESOLVED that the American Radio Relay League hereby establishes a committee for the purpose of developing an annual international prize to be awarded to truly outstanding Amateur Radio operators in areas of international humanitarianism and the furtherance of peace.

  1. Inasmuch as Amateur Radio operators provide public service and promote international goodwill and understanding this award is dedicated to those amateurs who, through Amateur Radio, are devoted to promoting the Welfare of mankind. In order to help all people, both Amateur Radio operators and others, to understand the purpose and importance of this award, it shall be called the "ARRL International Humanitarian Award."
  2. The selection of the recipient of the award shall be made by a committee appointed by the President of the ARRL, and shall serve at his or her pleasure for the term of office.
  3. Any licensed radio amateur world-wide, or group of amateurs, who by use of Amateur Radio skills has provided extraordinary service for the benefit of others in times of crisis or disaster, is qualified to receive the award.
  4. Nominations for the award will be accepted by the committee from a licensed radio amateur, governmental or any other organization, that has received the benefits of the radio amateur's extraordinary service within the last 3 years. In the event that no nominations are received, the committee may determine possible recipients or may decide to make no award in a given year.

    Nominations must contain the following:

    All nominations and supporting materials for a given year's award must be submitted in writing in English to "ARRL International Humanitarian Award, 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111," in sufficient time that they are received by December 31.

  • A summary of the actions of the nominee, which qualify the recipient for the award.
  • Statements from at least two references including names and addresses for verification.
  1. The award is to include the following elements:


  • An appropriate plaque or medallion to be presented to the recipient(s) at a home convention or event within the US, or the ARRL National Convention or a mutually agreed upon arrangement to be made by Membership and Volunteer Programs (MVP) to recipients residing outside the USA.
  • An article describing the extraordinary achievements of the recipient(s) is to be written for use in QST, other ARRL venues and consumer magazines.
  1. ARRL seeks voluntary funding to endow this award. Should the expense of administering the award in any given year exceed the award fund balance, ARRL will seek voluntary contributions to create an endowment to fund the award, with suitable recognition to be given to donors. Should the expenses of administering the award exceed the income available from the endowment, these expenses will be reimbursed as authorized by the ARRL Board.

    Because of the importance of this award to promoting international friendship among not only Amateur Radio operators, but all persons of the world, extreme care must be taken to insure that each recipient is deserving of the award. Therefore, the Committee will be responsible for verification of all nominations, with the most rigorous scrutiny given to finalists in the selection process.


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