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Modes & Systems


cw_key.jpgThis area of the ARRL web looks at some Amateur Radio operating modes and special systems from a "technology" perspective.  Consult the On the Air and Operating Specialties pages for more infomation on what it is like to use these features.

A "mode" can be either a modulation mode like AM or FM, or it can be an operating mode like voice, Morse, or packet.  A "system" is a little harder to define.  A system can be a collection of gear set up for a particular function like an FM repeater, or it can be a method or protocol for communication like ALE or APRS.  We will discuss a number of these in the following pages.

There are many additional operating modes or styles beyond what you find here.  For example, mobile and portable operation, satellite, QRP, EME/moonbounce, and many others.  Some of these are described in the Technical Specialties area.  Ham radio is a vast enterprise!

  • Systems

    Putting radios and computers together! Read More


  • CW

    Radiotelegraphy - Tradition and Performance! Read More


  • Digital Data Modes

    Packet, PSK31, ... Keyboard to keyboard, computer to computer! Read More

    Digital Data Modes

  • Image Modes

    ATV, SSTV, ... Visual communications! Read More

    Image Modes

  • Voice Modes

    SSB, FM, Digital, ... Talk around the World! Read More

    Voice Modes

  • Weak Signal Modes

    WSJT, Coherent CW, ... Dig signals out of noise! Read More

    Weak Signal Modes


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