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Servicing Equipment

Why hams troubleshoot and repair equipment

probe_ic.jpgSooner or later, it happens to every active ham -- something in your station breaks, sometimes rather spectacularly!    An important part of amateur radio is the ability to troubleshoot and fix station equiment when needed.  This skill is used to great effect under emergency conditions, when you can get systems up and running while the commercial services may take weeks to make a repair.  Fixing equipment can be an effective way to learn about electronics.  Over the years, ARRL authors have written a number of excellent articles about electronic troubleshooting that give the fundamentals and the fine points of equipment repair.


Web Links

  • Eham Reviews of companies that repair radios.
  • Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ
    This site features a series of comprehensive repair guides for consumer electronics equipment and other household devices. There is also a great deal of other information of interest to the electronics hobbyist, experimenter, technician, and engineer.
  • Schematics of radios.
  • Colin McCord's web site has lots of good information on oscilloscopes.
  • We also have a page on building test equipment.


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