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Code Practice Files

W1AW Code Practice MP3 Files

Listed here are W1AW code practice transmissions for the dates and speeds indicated. The files are in MP3 format, playable using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or your favorite MP3 player.

The files are updated every other week.

The first link is used for streaming audio -- click on the link to have the player play the code practice as it receives it. It may also be used to download the code-practice file to disk for later playback. (In Windows, right-click on the link to the file you want to save to get a menu of options.) Not all MP3 players will treat the link the same, and some players may not work on the link type.

The second link is the actual text of the code practice file.  Please note that the text file may contain control characters.  You will hear these characters as regular Morse code prosigns or abbreviations.



Text Source for W1AW Web Code Practice Files for July 9 and 10, 2024:

Text for the 5 to 15 WPM runs comes from November 2022 QST, page 13.

Text for the 20 to 40 WPM runs comes from December 2022 QST, page 37.


The various archive files are available from the following links. Access to each other archive is also available from any of these various pages:

5 WPM files
20 WPM files
7.5 WPM files 25 WPM files
10 WPM Files 30 WPM files
13 WPM Files 35 WPM files
15 WPM Files 40 WPM files
18 WPM files  


The 18 WPM is a "transition" file to help bridge the gap from 15 to
20 WPM. The file contains word and letter groups sent at 18 WPM
with an 18 WPM character speed.

This particular file is actually part of the W1AW CW bulletin from
previous weeks. This allows for a different transition file with
each update.

The 40 WPM file is composed of texts taken from the lower speed files.

For those who want to listen to each character separately, you can find them here on the Code Character web page.

The various TEXT files contain the actual code practice text used in each run. Please note the embedded "control characters" (used to
generate the CW prosigns) are included in the text.

Please note the tone frequency is 750 Hz.

Speeds 15 WPM and below, the character speed is 15 WPM Farnsworth.  At 18 WPM and above, the speeds are standard.

Questions or comments about these files may be directed to:

Joe Carcia, NJ1Q -


July 9, 2024: 20 WPM MP3 Text
July 9, 2024: 25 WPM MP3 Text
July 9, 2024: 30 WPM MP3 Text
July 9, 2024: 35 WPM MP3 Text
July 9, 2024: 40 WPM MP3 Text


July 10, 2024: 5 WPM MP3 Text
July 10, 2024: 7.5 WPM MP3 Text
July 10, 2024: 10 WPM MP3 Text
July 10, 2024: 13 WPM MP3 Text
July 10, 2024: 15 WPM MP3 Text
July 10, 2024: 18 WPM MP3 Text



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