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Visitor Operating at W1AW

Rules for being active from W1AW


  • Visitor operators should have with them either an original or copy of their amateur license.  Although the FCC no longer requires hams to carry it, we still ask to see the FCC amateur radio license.  If a visitor does not have it with them, we can check their callsign online.  (Visiting operators are not turned away for not carrying their amateur radio license.)
  • All operators MUST use W1AW only!  They cannot affix their call (e.g. W1AW/NJ1Q) or work anyone with their call, etc.  This rules even applies to ARRL HQ staff.
  • All logging is done by PC.  W1AW curently uses N1MMLogger+.  (There is no paper logging.)  Logging must be performed in real-time (when contact is established).
  • Operators MUST operate within their license class limits.  (In most cases, ARRL staff cannot act as control operators.)  However, if accompanied by a visitor with a higher class license, they can operate in those bands/modes granted to the higher license class holder so long as that particular person is willing to be a control operator.
  • Operators MUST avoid band/mode edges by a few kHz.  No exceptions.
  • Operates must be overly polite.  Even if W1AW was active on a particular frequency for a while – but someone comes on and informs the W1AW operator they’re a bit close to their own QSO or net – then the W1AW operator must QSY.
  • An operator can certainly check into a net; they shouldn’t be net control.
  • W1AW visitor operators ahould avoid all areas of established activity.  For W1AW, this includes 14230 to 14236 kHz.   This is done simply because in the past, some SSTV operations have intentionally interfered with visitor operators.  
  • Operators MUST double-check to ensure a frequency is clear before calling CQ.
  • Visiting operators should avoid operating split.  But if there is no choice – and sometimes there isn't – then it’s a maximum of 5 kHz.  NO 5 to 10 kHz spreads.  Operators must check the split frequencies first to ensure they are clear.
  • State QSL policy if asked.  W1AW asks for direct requests with SASEs, but DX can QSL via bureau if they don’t mind the wait.  All W1AW logs are uploaded to LoTW each Monday (with the exception of holidays).
  • The station manager or operator on duty reserves the right to stop a visitor from operating W1AW if that operator does not adhere to these station rules!


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